Lineage II Sephia
April 01, 2020

The Lineage II Sephia project is based on the best server files available on the web. This is not a pseudo server placed on ready-made files for money, where "admin" sets confings only, and when he reports an error he has no idea where to look ...
L2Sephia is based on clean aCis files and is constantly developed by me and supported by official patches. Work on the server is still ongoing, I do not care about quickly opening the server for profit (as it is now in 99% of servers) I do it as a hobby.
Playing on this server is supposed to be fun, it is an old good INTERLUDE chronicle with small facilities (Dance / Songs 5min, packages at 20 / 40lvl offline trade / craft, etc.). No buffer means that every class is needed and clans will need active players.
The lack of GMShop, GK, Buffer means that we do not skip some aspects of the game and the way to 80lvl is more pleasure and fun. As for the quests for Noobless and subclasse, everything is to be discussed.

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Work on the server !!
Work on the server is ongoing, for more information go to FORUM
01 April, 2020

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